Clinical Nurse Specialist

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For Certification as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, the requirements are as follows and can be found in Section 464.0115, F.S.:

Any nurse seeking certification as a clinical nurse specialist must apply to the department and submit proof that he or she holds:

a) a current license as a Registered Nurse

b) a master’s degree in a clinical nursing specialty

c) and either:

1.   Proof of current certification in a specialty area as a clinical nurse specialist from a nationally recognized certifying body as determined by the board;


2.   Proof that he or she holds a master’s degree in a specialty area for which there is no certification within the clinical nurse specialist role and specialty and proof of having completed 1,000 hours of clinical experience in the clinical specialty for which he or she is academically prepared, with a minimum of 500 hours of clinical practice after graduation. The applicant for certification as a clinical nurse specialist must submit an affidavit to the Board of Nursing affirming the required hours of clinical experience. Falsification of the affidavit constitutes grounds for discipline in accordance with s. 464.018(1)(f).

  1. Applicant must hold a valid Florida Registered Nurse License
  2. Applicant submits application and appropriate fee.
  3. Applicant has education institution mail transcripts directly to the Board of Nursing.
  4. Applicant has national certifying board submit proof of certification to the BoardORApplicant completes and submits affidavit to the Board of Nursing affirming required hours or clinical experience.
  5. Once all materials are submitted, an application specialist will review them. It may be necessary for the application specialist to request additional information.
  6. When application is complete the upgrade (Certification) of the Registered Nurse license will be approved.

Application and Certification Upgrade fee: $75.00

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Florida Statutes

Section 464.0115: Certification of Clinical Nurse Specialists

Florida Administrative Codes

Chapter 64B9: Board of Nursing