Are all nursing education programs required to submit an Annual Report for Programs in Nursing?

No, ACEN/CCNE accredited programs are exempt from this annual requirement.

Section 464. 019(3), Florida Statutes, states, in part:

by November 1 of each year, each approved program shall submit to the board an annual report comprised of an affidavit certifying continued compliance with subsection (1), a summary description of the program’s compliance with subsection (1), and documentation for the previous academic year that, to the extent applicable, describes:

(a) The number of student applications received, qualified applicants, applicants accepted, accepted applicants who enroll in the program, students enrolled in the program, and program graduates.
(b) The program’s retention rates for students tracked from program entry to graduation.
(c) The program’s accreditation status, including identification of the accrediting agency.

Section 464.019(5)(b), Florida Statutes, states, in part:

… (b) If an approved program fails to submit the annual report required in subsection (3), the board shall notify the program director and president or chief executive officer of the educational institution in writing within 15 days after the due date of the annual report. The program director shall appear before the board at the board’s next regularly scheduled meeting to explain the reason for the delay. The board shall terminate the program pursuant to chapter 120 if the program director fails to appear before the board, as required under this paragraph, or if the program does not submit the annual report within 6 months after the due date.

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