Meeting Information

The Board meets bimonthly, generally during the first week of every even month. The full board meetings include disciplinary cases, application review, committee reports, rule discussions and other necessary Board actions. Board meetings are open to the public.

Our Committee Meeting(s) typically begin at 4:00 pm or thereafter on Wednesday and continue at 8:30 am or thereafter on Thursday. The Full Board Meeting begins at 1:30 pm or thereafter on Thursday and at 8:30 am or thereafter on Friday. The Board will notice individuals of a required appearance if necessary. Dates and locations are subject to change.

Board meeting minutes are available on our website within 2 weeks of the meeting conclusion. Board orders, for individuals appearing before the Board, are typically mailed within 30 days following the meeting.

Next Meeting:
April 6, 2023

North Probable Cause Panel

Meeting Location:
Telephone Conference Call @ 1:30pm ET

Meet Me #:
1 (888) 585-9008

Participation Code:

Meeting Materials:
FAR Notice (PDF)
Agenda (PDF)
Public Book (PDF)

Upcoming Meeting Notices, Agendas & Public Books

Date Meeting Type Materials
April 12 - April 14, 2023 Board Meeting FAR Notice (PDF) |
May 31 - June 2, 2023 Board Meeting and Long-Range Policy Planning Pending Board Approval
August 3 - August 4, 2023 Board Meeting Pending Board Approval
October 5 - October 6, 2023 Board Meeting Pending Board Approval
December 7 - December 8, 2023 Board Meeting Pending Board Approval

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