I endorsed in from another state. How many contact hours do I need to renew my license?

Most initial licenses are not valid for the full 2 years. One (1) contact hour is required for each month, or partial month, of the licensure cycle, including two (2) hours on Prevention of Medical Errors and two (2) hours on Laws and Rules that govern the practice of Nursing (beginning with the biennium ending in 2015). HIV/AIDS is now a one-time, 1-hour CE requirement to be completed prior to the first renewal. Domestic Violence (DV) CE is now a 2-hour requirement for every third renewal. For example, if you renew your license on July 31, 2008 and completed DV during the 2006-2008 licensure cycle, you are required to complete the Domestic Violence CE before the July 31, 2014 renewal. Applicants who took the exam during the current renewal cycle should see the FAQ that asks “I passed the NCLEX in the last year. How many contact hours do I need to renew my license?”