What is the process for placing programs on probation?

Approved or accredited nursing education programs that perform below the minimum standard for NCLEX passage rates for two consecutive calendar years will be placed on probation pursuant to section 464.019(5), Florida Statutes. NCLEX scores for the previous calendar year are released in January of each year.

The program must remain on probationary status until it achieves a graduate passage rate that equals or exceeds the required passage rate for any 1 calendar year.

If a program meets the minimum standard, the program will be removed from probation. A program on probation that fails to meet the minimum standard will be terminated by the Board of Nursing.

Pursuant to Florida law, the Board of Nursing is authorized to extend a program’s probationary status for one (1) additional year if the program demonstrates “adequate progress” towards the “graduate passage rate goal”. Nursing education programs that are placed on probation are required to disclose their probationary status in writing to the program’s students and applicants

Pursuant to Florida law the board shall deny a program application for a new prelicensure nursing education program submitted by an educational institution if the institution has an existing program that is already on probationary status.