Why haven’t I received my ATT?

Common Reasons Why Applicants Do Not Receive their ATT:

1. Pearson VUE has not yet received the eligibility from us
Solution: allow up to two business days for them to receive your eligibility before contacting us

2. The registration has not been fully completed (including $200 exam fee paid)
Solution: log into your Pearson VUE account to pay the fee and complete the registration process. Allow at least two business days to receive the ATT

3. The “Regulatory Body” listed on the registration is not Florida
Solution: Review your registration to confirm. You will need to contact Pearson VUE and pay any applicable fees if you need to change the Regulatory Body to Florida

4. You have corrected your Regulatory Body from another state to Florida; this interrupts the process and you will not automatically receive your ATT
Solution: please contact us at MQA.NursingAppStatus@flhealth.gov to have us manually add your eligibility

5. Your Pearson VUE registration is either missing demographic information such as an SSN, or there is a discrepancy between the information (name, SSN, DOB, address, email address) listed on the Pearson VUE registration, versus that on the application with us
Solution: You may edit some of the information listed with Pearson VUE yourself, which can trigger the ATT being issued. If not, please contact us at MQA.NursingAppStatus@flhealth.gov so that we can review and make corrections if needed.