Will participation in the Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN) protect my nursing license from discipline by the Florida Board of Nursing?

Being unable to practice nursing safely due to use of drugs, alcohol, chemicals, a mental condition, or the possession or distribution of controlled drugs for other than legitimate purposes is a violation of the Nurse Practice Act that can result in disciplinary action taken against a nurse’s license by the Florida Board of Nursing.  If the nurse has been reported only to IPN, he/she agrees to participate in IPN, and successfully completes IPN, the file is closed and held in confidence with no disciplinary action resulting.  If the nurse is reported only to IPN, and does not agree to participate, or does not successfully complete IPN, then the information in IPN’s possession is forwarded to DOH, and may result in disciplinary action, if deemed appropriate.  In some cases, the nurse is reported both to IPN and the DOH and in those cases, the disciplinary process proceeds and may result in disciplinary action.