Qualified Medication Aide (QMA) Rules (Effective 3/13/2024)

Posted in Latest News on March 18, 2024.

Qualified Medication Aide Rules (Effective 3/13/2024)

The following rules, pertaining to Qualified Medication Aides, are now in effect from the implementation of Senate Bill 558 from the 2023 Session.

Rules 64B9-14.001, .0015, .002, and .003, Florida Administrative Code found here.  

64B9-14.001      Definitions
64B9-14.0015     Delegated Tasks
64B9-14.002      Delegation of Tasks or Activities
64B9-14.003      Delegation of Tasks Prohibited

Rules 64B9-15.001, .002, .0025 and .0026, Florida Administrative Code found here.

64B9-15.001       Definitions
64B9-15.002       Certified Nursing Assistant Authorized Duties
64B9-15.0025     CNA Medication Administration
64B9-15.0026     Medication Administration Outside the Scope of Practice of a CNA

Rules 64B9-16.001, .002 and .004, Florida Administrative Code found here.

64B9-16.001      Definitions
64B9-16.002      Supervision by Licensed Practical Nurses in Nursing Home Facilities
64B9-16.004      Delegation of Tasks Prohibited

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