Rule 64B9-15.0015, FAC – Standards of Practice for Certified Nursing Assistants (Effective 8/22/2021)

Posted in Latest News on October 28, 2021.

Standards of practice are observable behaviors of skill and knowledge. The following are the standards of practice for certified nursing assistants.

Certified Nursing Assistants shall:

(1) Demonstrate basic skills in performance of authorized duties in Rule 64B9-15.002, F.A.C., which facilitate an optimal level of functioning for residents.

(2) Demonstrate the ability to identify psychosocial needs of residents based upon awareness of the resident’s developmental age and specific processes.

(3) Demonstrate basic skills in the performance of care to cognitively impaired residents, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, delirium, developmental disabilities, mental illnesses and other cognitive conditions.

(4) Record and report observations, actions, and information accurately and in a timely manner.

(5) Protect confidential information, unless obligated by law to disclose such information.

(6) Demonstrate respect for the property of residents and facilities.

(7) Demonstrate an understanding of principles of disease-causing microorganisms and demonstrate infection control techniques for prevention and transmission of illness.

(8) Promote a clean, orderly, and safe environment.

(9) Demonstrate the ability to identify and implement safety and emergency procedures.

(10) Demonstrate knowledge of statutes and rules governing certified nursing assistants.

Rulemaking Authority 464.202 FS. Law Implemented 464.202 FS. History–New 8-22-21.

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