Nursing Assistant Training Program FAQs

Nursing Assistant Training Program FAQs

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How do I verify a school or program?

The list of approved CNA training programs can be found here.

The list of approved LPN and RN prelicensure nursing programs in Florida, as well as their current status such as Approved, Accredited, or Probation can be found here. You can search and compare by county, program name, or degree offered.

The status of a closed or terminated program may be verified via the Department of Health’s License Verification website here (you will enter the program name in the “Business Name” field).

Please note: the information available will be limited. Interested parties may email the Florida Board of Nursing at for additional information including closure and termination dates.

What is the process to become a new Nursing Assistant training program?

Please review this document to access the application and directions for a new training program.

You may view the Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks.

For questions pertaining to the application process, you may contact the Nurse Consultant line at 850-617-1478.

What is the process for C.N.A. program renewal?

CNA programs must be renewed every two years. You may access the renewal application here. The director/coordinator listed on the renewal form must be the person that will submit your school list, unless otherwise indicated. Your renewal application can be mailed to the main Board address at:


Board of Nursing
Department of Health
Board of Nursing
4052 Bald Cypress Way
Bin C-02
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3252

Where can I find the CNA scope of practice and a list of authorized duties?

The CNA scope of practice is addressed in Chapter 464, Part II, Florida Statutes and Chapter 64B9-15.002, Florida Administrative Code.

Setting specific practice guidelines may also be addressed in other sections of the law regulating the administration of healthcare and the institution/agency’s accrediting body’s regulations.  Licensees and interested parties are encouraged to visit the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration’s (AHCA) website for additional information.

What equipment do I need in the lab?

For information on what equipment is needed in the laboratory setting, you may contact the Supervisor for Health Science Education with the Department of Education (DOE) at 850-245-9018 or a Program Specialist for the Commission for Independent Education (CIE) at 850-245-3200

What are the guidelines for admitting students with criminal history?

Each CNA program makes independent decisions about admissions into the program and may require a criminal background screening as part of that process. Please be advised that the background screening is specific to program enrollment and clinical training. Applicants for C.N.A. certification will undergo a Level II background check and must meet the requirements for certification as outlined in statute.