Licensure by Endorsement FAQs

Licensure by Endorsement

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How do I transfer my RN, LPN, or CNA license to Florida?

Please access the Licensing tab on our website and choose the Endorsement option for your licensure type.

If I have a multistate license from another Compact State, when should I apply for licensure by endorsement in Florida?

When moving (changing primary state of legal residence) to a new NLC state, it is the nurse’s responsibility to apply for licensure by endorsement. This should be completed upon moving and the nurse should not delay. There is no grace period. The nurse may not wait until the former license expires to apply in the nurse’s new state of legal residency. The nurse may practice on the former home state license only UNTIL the multistate license in the new NLC home state is issued. Proof of residency such as a driver’s license may be required. Upon issuance of a new multistate license, the former license is inactivated.

How do I self report a criminal conviction?

Please visit the Florida Health Care Complaint Portal to report your criminal conviction.

I graduated from a nursing program outside of the United States. How do I qualify for multistate licensure?

In order to qualify for multistate licensure, any applicant who is internationally educated or from a non-NCSBN jurisdiction will need to complete an English competency exam and have their education evaluated in addition to the other requirements for licensure. Please review the information for applicants educated outside of the United States at: International or Non-NCSBN Jurisdiction Applicant Information. The NCSBN Nurse Licensure Guidance tool also provides direction and resources on becoming a licensed nurse in the U.S.

If I do not have an active license in another state, do I qualify for licensure by endorsement?

Have you ever taken the NCLEX or State Board Test Pool Exam? If you have, you may qualify for endorsement. Please review the Qualifications for endorsement or more information.

How long does it take to be approved for licensure by endorsement?

There is no set timeframe for approval of an application. We process applications in date order received. Applications are processed as quickly as possible, but timeframes vary based on the number of applications received and on the length of time it takes receive all necessary documentation.

Can I endorse into Florida if I have an active license in another state but have never taken the NCLEX or State Board Test Pool exam?

If you can obtain verification you have been working in another state, jurisdiction or U.S. territory for two of the last three years you may apply by endorsement.

Who is responsible for requesting verification of my licenses? Does the board request it or do I?

You as the applicant are responsible for requesting licensure verification. The license verification form included in the application is intended to be mailed to states that do not verify licenses through (electronic verification).

All other applicants seeking verifications/certifications from U.S. states or territories outside the Nursys system should complete Part I of the form and submit the form to the appropriate state or territory for completion. Check with the appropriate Board to see if they charge a fee for this service.

Where do I find information about the fingerprinting process?

Information about the electronic fingerprinting process can be found at our Background Screening page.

What ORI number do I use to do my Livescan?

CNA Applicant – EDOH0380Z

LPN/RN Applicant – EDOH4420Z

APRN Applicant – EDOH4420Z

LPN/RN Multi-State Upgrade Applicant – EDOH4420Z