Licensees employed or seeking employment with a health care facility, licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration, who have been found guilty, regardless of adjudication, or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendre to any of the criminal offenses listed in Sections 435.03(2), 435.04(2), and 408.809, Florida Statutes, must apply for an exemption through the Department of Health.

Please note: Exemptions can only be issued to Florida licensees. If you are an applicant, please see the information listed under the section titled “Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)”

Applicants must complete a Livescan Level II background screening prior to receiving an exemption. For information on obtaining Livescan background screenings, please visit the Background Screening page and click on the Livescan Service Providers tab.

If you have completed a Livescan Level II background screening, with the Agency for Health Care Administration, within the last three (3) months, you may not be required to be rescreened. Please see the Exemption Application for additional information.

Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA):
AHCA reviews applications and makes decisions for Exemptions for unlicensed personnel working for a health care provider (i.e. facility owner, administrator or chief financial officer, staff person that is uncertified or unlicensed).

Phone: 850-412-4503
Email: bgscreen@ahca.myflorida.com
AHCA’s Background Screening Website →

RN/LPN/APRN/Nursing Exemption Application →

CNA/Nursing Exemption Application →

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Need to Verify a License?

To verify a Nurse Licensure Compact Multi-State RN or LPN License:
Access https://www.nursys.com and click on "Look up License".


To proceed to the DOH License Verification page (information on Florida licensees only), click here.