New MQA Online Services Portal FAQs

New MQA Online Services Portal FAQs

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What do I need to get started in the new MQA Online Services Portal?

You will need access to a desktop or laptop computer with a compatible web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome) installed, your social security number and date of birth.

If you are applying for a license and have not created an account, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit, click on ‘Create New Applicant Account. Once on the registration screen, follow the prompts for new user registration using a valid, active email address.
  2. Check your email to locate your new account user ID and temporary password. Using your temporary password and user ID provided via email, log into your account. (Note: You will be prompted to create a new password for your account. Enter the temporary password in the “Old/Temporary Password” field.)
  3. Once logged in, you will be prompted to add any existing health care licenses or previously submitted applications to your account. Follow the prompts to add your license or application using your social security number, date of birth, and mailing address zip code. If you do not have a current license or pending application, or your license is null and void, select “No” to proceed with applying for a license.

If you are already licensed please follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click the ”Account Login” button.
  2. Enter your Personal Identifying Information (PII), then click the Login button.
  3. Confirm or update your MQA Services Account email address, then click the “Continue” button.
  4. You are now in the Dashboard. During renewals, a “Renew My License” option will populate no later than 90 days prior to your license expiration date. (Note: If you do not see the “Renew My License” option, please check back at a later time.)


*** If the “PII Failed” screen displays, click the ”Other Login Option” button and enter your existing User ID and password to access your account.***

*Note: MQA Online Services is not fully compatible with all mobile devices or Apple Safari at this time.

I’m receiving an error that my email address is already in use.

This commonly occurs when a user has already created an account. Please use the Forgot User ID link on the MQA Online Service log-in page. If you cannot remember your password, you can select the Reset Password button to have a new password emailed to you.

I did not receive an email with my temporary password.

Check your email account’s junk mail folder. If the temporary password email is not in your junk mail folder, make sure you entered your valid email address correctly. If your email was entered correctly, please wait at least one hour to receive the email (NOTE: Some email systems take longer to receive emails than others. Even though we send the email immediately, it make take some time for you to receive it.)

I locked my account, how do I unlock it?

Accounts are locked after 5 failed login attempts. You must close your browser and wait one hour before attempting to login again.

I no longer have access to the email account I used when registering.

Each time you login to your MQA Online Services account, you will be prompted to verify your account email address.  This address is used to send application summaries and payment receipts along with account information such as lost passwords.  In addition, you can update your email address by selecting the Update Account link within the MQA Online Services Portal. If you do not remember your password, please contact the MQA Call Center at (850) 488-0595 for assistance in changing your email address.

Why do I have to provide my email address twice?

Your email address is initially used to create your user account. We ask for your email address a second time when you renew as part of your renewal application’s contact information; however, providing your email address on an application is optional.

Will my email address be available to the public?

The email address provided at the time of registration is private and will not be provided to the public. If you provide an email address within an application’s contact information (i.e. when renewing), the address will be saved in our licensing database and becomes public information.